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Our core services are the heart of what we do at eFormed. From strategy to creative and fulfillment we back up every service with business intelligence to assure success for our clients.


Reaching the digital consumer in a sustainable, cost-effective manner requires a multi-disciplinary approach to numerous channels.  Our team is highly experienced in driving profitable SEM, SEO, Onsite/Mobile UX, Video, Email, Affiliate, Retargeting, Catalog, and Direct Mail Marketing.


Advanced Merchandising requires exceptional management for optimal turns, margin, sell thru, forecasting, and replenishment in the context of customer satisfaction.  Digital performance is greatly dependent upon expanding virtual inventory for maximum selection, product availability, and competitive pricing.  Our team brings extensive experience building complex technology and relationships to deliver a seamless customer experience.


Success in the hyper-competitive digital world requires distinct advantages that involve the use of rapid information gathering, machine learning, and personalized user experiences.  Our proprietary and cost-effective solutions are designed to give you a distinct market advantage.


Our highly experienced team have built multi-million dollar consumer brands from scratch while also delivering award-winning work for brands like Nike, ESPN, National Geographic, Rodale Publishing, Warner Brothers, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, and more.


Engaging digital content that provides value to the reader, builds the relationship, frequency of interaction, and trust.  Our team of experts understand how to deliver compelling content and utilize technology for maximum word of mouth exposure. 


We bring essential business intelligence, KPI’s, and financial modeling to establish a framework for both what is happening and what needs to improve.  We then focus on enabling the team to achieve the desired results.  This includes strategic organizational development, shared services, and outsourcing.


Fast and Free delivery isn’t free and it isn’t easy.  When done right, it builds brands, done wrong and it can create severe financial losses.  Our experts bring extensive experience from UPS, DHL, both small and large scale consumer brand operations and 3rd Party Logistics Providers.  Whether using our comprehensive logistics services or advising your team, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. 


Financial modeling, business performance, and creditor/investor relationships are an essential area in which we collaborate with you to ensure the business always has sufficient cash to operate to achieve optimal shareholder returns.  We bring extensive expertise and experience in this area to help you succeed.

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