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Amazon Marketplace Sellers Now Sell More …

Have you ever heard of "The Borg?". If you are not a Star Trek fan then likely not. It's worth researching because Amazon is following their game plan. Don’t believe me, check out Jeff Bezo's camio in one of the Star Trek movies

he's a fan for sure….Ok back to earth, here is a closer look at what the 'marketplace' concept is doing…

For the first time in Amazon’s history the percent of units by marketplace sellers reached 51 percent. This is the first quarter where marketplace sellers contributed more than Amazon itself.

After reaching 50 percent in Q3 last year, the share came down to 49 percent, and then back up to 50 percent last quarter. Last year we predicted that in 2017 the marketplace will finally grow bigger than Amazon.

It is interesting though that in the quarter earnings report, and in the following earnings call, there was no mention of the marketplace and sellers. The focus continues to be on what Amazon is doing.

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